Imass IWH-1.5 E Instantaneous Instant LPG Caravan water Heater
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Yes, this is the first of it's kind.  And we are the first to sell it!
UK supplied EU and CE approved instant water heater for mobile Caravan/Motorhome use!
Product information "IWH-1.5E"

The IWH-1.5E is the first certified gas water heater for mobile applications in Europe. Hot water is in the caravan or motorhome at any time and without preheating immediately in "infinite" amount available. 
A comfort that you are used to at home can also be enjoyed on holiday. With this device makes a comfortable wet cell really makes sense. No matter how many people want to shower in a row, there is always enough warm water available. If the dishes are very dirty and greasy - just raise the water temperature by pressing a button while purging up to 60 ° C.
Children is the water in the paddling pool in front of the caravan too cold? No problem - with the IWH-1.5E you can comfortably temper the water. Ideally via an optional hot water connection in the caravan wall, which can also be used for a garden shower, etc. 
It all sounds a bit utopian and you think of a high gas consumption. Due to the efficient operation of the water heater, the gas consumption of the device is extremely low. 
For example, under full load, you could use a single 11kg gas cylinder to consistently produce hot water over 14 hours. 
In practice, the gas consumption of instantaneous water heaters is up to 60% lower than comparable boiler variants.
Reason: The constant reheating, caused by the technical structure of the boiler, is completely eliminated in the instantaneous water heater.


The IWH-1.5E has a highly efficient copper heat exchanger, as it is also used in the domestic water supply. 
The hot water temperature can be set between 35 and 60 ° C on the control panel. Accordingly, the burner output is infinitely adjusted via a patented modulation valve. For regulation and monitoring, a sophisticated μ-processor control is responsible. 
This continuously monitors the hot and cold water temperature, as well as the water flow rate. Based on this data, the burner output is regulated.

How does the water heater start? 
As soon as the electronics detects a flow at the cold water connection by opening the faucet, or pump activation of more than 1.5 l / min, the burner is started automatically. 
After a first "cold start", hot water flows out of the faucet after about 20 seconds. 
Operational safety is provided by an exhaust fan with a high-efficiency, brushless DC motor. The amount of air through the blower is continuously monitored by a differential pressure sensor. Of course, the burner flame is detected electronically. 
Errors are indicated by a code in the display. For example, the error "E9" alerts you to a possibly closed exhaust port.


As proven in many countries, we have opted for a housing design with external service door. In this way, all components of the IWH-1.5E are easily accessible from the outside and you do not have to worry about the air supply and the exhaust stack. Inside, only the gas and water pipes, and the electrical system are connected. 
The outer housing is made of sturdy tinplate. Due to the clear arrangement of the individual components, any repairs can be carried out inexpensively by a trained gas appliance technician. Basically, the device is designed for longevity, such as by the use of ball bearings in the brushless motor of the exhaust fan. The external white service door can be painted over individually if required.



  • Hot water boiler with instantaneous water heater principle
  • Highly efficient copper heat exchanger with up to 92% efficiency
  • Low exhaust gas temperatures of approx. 90 ° C
  • Burner power 10 KW
  • Up to 60% less gas consumption than appliances with storage tanks, since constant reheating is not necessary. Therefore, there is also absolute silence during the night.
  • The device is started and stopped automatically by opening a faucet by means of a flow meter.
  • Stepless choice of water temperature (35 - 60 ° C) on the control panel. The burner output is continuously regulated via a modulation valve with processor control.
  • Minimal calcification due to low heat exchanger temperature and elimination of unnecessary re-heating
  • no corrosion, bacteria and legionella problems
  • low weight, since there is no tank
  • Highly efficient, brushless exhaust fan motor
  • Possibility of heating the fresh water tank in winter
  • High security and service friendliness through external service door.
  • Service door paintable
  • CE approval
  • Australian Watermark certification

Technical specifications

Maximum burner output 10 kW
Minimum burner power 5 kW
Gas consumption at full load 765 g / h
gas pressure 30mbar
Type of gas Propane G31, butane G30
Water temperature digitally adjustable 35 - 60 ° C
Max. Rule duration <60 sec="" typically="" 10="" span="">
Typical flow rate 5 l / min
Temperature increase at 3.3 L / min 37.7 ° C
Efficiency up to


Typical exhaust gas temperature 90 ° C
Maximum water pressure 5.0 bar
supply voltage 10.5 - 15V DC
Current consumption at 12 V 0.44 a
Electrical power consumption during operation  5.28 W
size 320 x 320 x 320 mm
mass 12.1 kg
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