Why buy from us?

Caravan Source is a reasonably small business, so why choose us over the larger dealers?  As the owner of Caravan Source I'm obviously going to say come to us, however my reasons for this are quite comprehensive.

At Caravan Source we stick to a few basic selling principals: 
1. Our vans will come with an independent service carried out by a fully qualified caravan servicing technician unless otherwise stated.  This shows if anything at all is defective with the van meaning if something isn't working or damp is found we can negotiate on price or we'll have it repaired.  
2. If the tyres are over 5 years old and showing signs of age we'll replace them.  If the tyres are over 7 years old we will replace them regardless.  
3. At present we don't sell warranties with our vans but you have a 3 month legal warranty.  If you find something wrong with the van in this time which wasn't explained to you when you bought it and written on the sales invoice we will have that problem fixed if the van is returned to us.  

Larger Dealers and dealers in general:
Large dealers have bigger targets to meet.  They employ salesmen who are on commission, they don't necessarily know the stock personally, it's just an item that they are there to sell.  As they aren't personally involved in the product they are selling, your experience could become less personable and result in less care being taken in making sure they're selling you something that suits your needs rather than just pushing for a sale. 

With Caravan Source we buy the stock ourselves, we sell the stock and we know the stock.  Yes mistakes can be made but we're generally pretty good at knowing exactly what's going on.

Larger dealers are generally more expensive as they have larger overheads to cover!

If you're buying from a dealer and paying more than £1000 for a caravan there should be at least a gas test carried out on the van and you should be provided with a certificate or report.  If you're paying more than £2000 I'd expect a full service to be carried out checking for damp, all the appliances work, the wheels should be taken off, brakes checked, chassis checked, hitch checked, gas and carbon monoxide test and you should be provided with this report.  The tyres should be changed too if they are over 5 years old and showing signs of age or regardless over 7 years.

Again, if you find something wrong with the van within the first 3 months of having the van which wasn't explained to you when you bought it, or written on the sales invoice, you have a legal right to return the van and demand that the van is repaired.

Private buying:
If you buy a caravan privately you're opening yourself up to a whole load of risks. There are a lot of things you can look for such as damp (if you have a damp meter *see "lets talk about damp!" page for more info) and spongy floors, you may get a chance to plug in the power and turn on the gas and test the appliances etc.  You can look at the date on the tyres (bearing in mind the tyres may not be safe if they're over 5 years old due to cracking from standing most of its life). You will not have any come-back however and you wont know for sure if there are any potentially deadly gas leaks!

The information given in this article is provided with the best of intentions and to help you enjoy your Caravanning Experience. Information given is for guide purposes only, individuals must at all times use their own initiative while considering these matters and should seek proper legal advice if neccessary.  There is no official legal advice in this article.


 We accept no responsibility for damage to your vehicle or to any other form of material property and accept no responsibility for personal or third party injury that may occur in relationship to information provided in this article.